Sunday, September 18, 2022

A preventable tragedy in the making :(

Some idiots in the New York City Department of Transportation are turning almost 20 blocks of a local street into a pedestrian mall against the will of many local residents and putting our lives at risk by placing giant granite blocks and concrete planters in the middle of the street! The 34th Avenue Open Street (also known now as Paseo Park) in Jackson Heights, Queens is a tragedy waiting to happen. Sooner or later, someone's going to die because emergency vehicles won't be able to get there soon enough. 😡 And our elected officials don't seem to care. I'm talking to *you,* Shekar Krishnan!
JH Community For 34 OS Compromise
Sandy Reiburn ·
Fire Engine nd Ambulance Can't get through.mp4


Part 2 Ambulance finally got to the school to care for a child whose been waiting with head trauma.

5 views Sep 17, 2022 On 9/16/2022, a child received a head trauma at IS 145. The 911 call brought a Fire Truck and an Ambulance. The Fire truck arrived first but had trouble "parking" and maneuvering because of the barriers (plastic pilons, very large flowerpots filled with dirt, and large solid granite blocks. While the Fire truck was parking it blocked the cross traffic which blocked the ambulance coming to the site. It was over 9 minutes to get the child from the school. He was brought out on a gurney.


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